This Membership is for young players in the School Years 12 and 13.

This membership fee includes a contribution to Gore Court Cricket Club, providing for maintenance of Clubhouse and grounds and the RFU.


Personal Details of Player

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Medical Details *

Please give details of any medical condition of the player of which we should be aware

Education Details

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Emergency Contact Details

These details are used to register your child with the RFU. Contact name / Phone and email are accessible by coaches and committee members in the event of an emergency.

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PARENTAL INFORMATION (to be completed for all players under 18 yrs)

Membership Application *

I request my son/daughter to join the Youth section of Sittingbourne RUFC. I understand that, whilst great care is taken to maintain the highest standards of safety during coaching sessions and matches, Sittingbourne RUFC or any of its members can accept no liability for any loss of property, accidents or injuries, of or to my son/daughter, howsoever caused. I agree to abide by the Codes of Conduct for Parents and Spectators and other policies published on the Club website.

Safeguarding *

I understand Sittingbourne RUFC has appointed an officer in accordance with the guidelines produced by the RFU and our Policy is maintained in line with the current RFU recommendations. I agree to abide by these guidelines.

Photography *

I understand that team, training, and match photographs or videos may be taken by persons appointed by Sittingbourne RUFC for publicity or coaching purposes (e.g. publication on the club web site, newspapers, etc). It is the Club’s policy NOT to identify players individually. I understand that any photographs of Club activities I take are for personal use and must not be published or shared in any publically-available form, including social media, without permission from the Club.

Travel *

In my absence I give permission/do not give permission (delete as appropriate) for my son/daughter to travel with either the Coach or designated adult if necessary and I realise that I must take full responsibility for his/her behaviour.

Medical Permission *

In my absence I agree / do not agree (delete as appropriate) to emergency treatment arising from any incident, including an anaesthetic, if required, and have given full details of relevant medical conditions in the PERSONAL DETAILS section above.

General Data Protection Register *

I understand the data in this form will only be made available to coaches and officers of the Club for the sole purpose of administering club events and affairs in accordance with the Club Privacy Policy Statement published on the Club website. Information for Club Members will be sent to this email address.

Terms of Membership *

In signing this form I hereby apply for membership of Sittingbourne RUFC (A section of Gore Court Cricket Club) and agree to adhere to the Club’s Rules, Policies & Codes of Conduct. I understand that Officials, Players, Coaches Assistants & Referees must be fully paid up members to receive cover from the RFU Compulsory Insurance Policy (Death & Total Permanent Disability). The Club does not purchase cover for temporary disability or loss of earnings and it is recommended that members make their own arrangement for any such cover.