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James Hobson

Under 8’s

(Year 3)

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SRUFC Under 8’s

Need to know

When do we train?

The under 8’s train every Sunday morning at Sittingbourne Rugby Club between 10.00am – 12.00pm

What Matches do they play?

The under 8’s play non competitive matches against other local teams which are usually combined with a joint training session. They also partake in the Kent, Canterbury, Medway and other festivals.

Thelatest fixture list is always on the website here.

What equipment do we need?

  • Water Bottle.
  • Rugby boots
    Ground zero for rugby kit. Absolutely essential. Can’t you just wear football boots? Well, possibly – but while rugby boots look a bit like football boots, if they’ve got the wrong sort of studs, they can cause injuries and make you very unpopular. So just to be clear, the RFU (Rugby’s ruling body) has set out some very firm rules. Basically, a rugby stud should usually be made of rubber or a metal like aluminium, not longer than 21mm, at least 10mm across at the end and with no burrs or sharp edges.You’ll hear some people saying they play with plastic studs or blades, but it’s worth knowing that the referee WILL check studs for safety before every match, and if he’s not happy with yours, you won’t be allowed to play. What’s more, blades are unlikely to give you enough grip to push your opponents off the ball or change direction at speed, anyway. So it’s worth investing in a pair that will protect you, your team mates and your opponents. To avoid any doubt, go for designs specifically labelled as “rugby boots”.
  • Mouthguard
    Another absolute essential – at some point you will get a whack in the mouth playing rugby. It’s unavoidable. But what IS avoidable is an expensive dentist’s repair bill. Not only that, but gumshields are proven to prevent concussion in the tackle, by adding a layer of cushioning between the teeth. So buy the closest size to fit your mouth, then follow the instructions on the packaging to make it a snug, safe fit.
  • Rugby shorts
    These need to be made of tougher material than for other sports – if they get ripped it could be embarrassing! So make sure you specifically ask for “rugby shorts”.
  • Rugby Training top
    Your match shirt will be provided by your coach, but for training games you’ll need a shirt or top made from tough, tear-resistant material.
  • Rugby socksTeam socks are available from our shop.

What are the rules?

  • Tag Only
  • Max numbers – 6
  • Max Pitch Size(m) – 45×22
  • Max mins per half – 10
  • Max mins per day – 50

What are the fees

£77.50 Yearly Membership. Monthy payment options are available