Mini & Youth Membership

All youth players must be registered with Sittingbourne Rugby Club. This membership fee includes a contribution to Gore Court Cricket Club (providing for use & maintenance of clubhouse and grounds) and the RFU.

Subscriptions are our main source of income. They fund purchase of coaching and playing equipment including training of coaches in coaching, refereeing, first aid, entrance to tournaments, presentation awards and the many other activities that are vital for continued running as a successful club.

As such the subscription is amazingly good value.


Types of Membership.

Social Fee:

Gore Court Cricket Club require anyone using the club house to pay this membership and it is expected that all committee members and coaches pay this cost as well.

Annual Fee:

Any player who has played 8 or more games in a season will be required to pay this type of membership.

Match Fee: for a player who does not think that they can play all season or only on limited occasions, a one off match fee will be collected each time that they play.