Good Conduct

Don’t let the side down

Good Conduct

Sittingbourne Rugby Club is a respected club and we wish to maintain and improve on that reputation.

To that end, we are reminding players, coaches and spectators of their important role in maintaining the good name of the club.

We would ask that you consider the following:

  • All spectators should, at all times during the game, stay behind the barrier/rope and off the support team area.
  • All players, coaches and spectators should refrain from abuse of the match officials, opposition players and spectators and our own team. Banter is fair and to be expected, but disrespectful or abusive conduct or words is not acceptable.
  • Remember – without the referee we would not have a game. S/he is a volunteer and will not be able to see everything that happens during the game.
  • No supporter should ever get involved physically with players in the game, no matter how outrageous you may consider the situation or their conduct. We must trust that the processes in place through the match officials and the RFU will deal with these matters.
  • As members of Sittingbourne Rugby Club you have a right and also a responsibility to reasonably challenge those fellow players, coaches and supporters who are in contravention of these guidelines, though of course without confrontation.
  • There will always be members of the committee present to refer to if you feel the matter would better be addressed by them.

Please keep this guidance and remind yourselves and others of it from time to time.